Cooling System Maintenance Orange

Man and his over heated car

The job of your cooling system is to do just that: cool down your vehicle’s engine and transmission and maintain their temperatures at “normal operating temperatures” usually between 160°F and 220°F. If any component has failed or is failing, you can cause significant damage to your vehicle

Coolant Leaks

Leaks in your cooling system can be caused by any number of factors. Many times a cracked, bubbled or otherwise ill-fitting hose can be the culprit. Other times worn seals, deteriorated gaskets or other plastic pieces can let coolant leak by. In addition to that, the metal used in many automotive radiators is extremely thin and easily damaged, but by far our experience has shown us that corrosion is the leading cause. The number one cause of cooling system corrosion is a lack of preventative maintenance.

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Transmission Included

You may not have realized it yet, but your cooling system does more than just cool your engine, it cools your transmission too. Transmission fluid is pumped from the transmission to its dedicated core inside the radiator and back. Any blockages or leaks in this device can be potentially hazardous as well.

If you are in need of regular cooling system maintenance be sure to give a call to the transmission experts at Chapman Auto Repair of Orange.