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Just like your vehicle’s engine and transmission, your differential should enjoy a bit of regular maintenance, too! While not something that you need to attend to every 3000-5000 miles, it is recommended by most manufacturers that you change your differential fluid every 25,000-50,000 miles to help promote trouble-free operation of your Orange, CA car, truck or SUV. The type of differential fluid can vary in weigh and color depending on the style of differential installed in your car or truck.

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Whats The Diff?

Standard “Open” Differential

One of the oldest styles of differential used, these came in a very efficient, simple yet rugged design allowing for use in a wide variety of production vehicles. The big draw back on these are the fact that when wheels start slipping on wet or other low-traction surfaces, the power of the engine is transferred to the wheel with the LEAST grip.

Limited-Slip Differential

Because of the mentioned drawbacks of the open differential, the limited-slip differential was born. These bad boys have a clutching system installed within the differential that causes both wheels to lock together in the event that slippage occurs.

Torque-Vector Differential

These devices are the latest in production and greatest in technology of all differentials on the market today. The amazing machines use a whole array of sensors within your vehicle to determine which wheel has the most traction and should be getting the most power.

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