Transmission Maintenance Orange

Maintaining your transmission is just as vital as maintaining your engine: If the engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle, the transmission is the legs of your car, truck or SUV. Without it, your car won’t move. Not even an inch, without outside help like a downward slope or another car to push. Give your transmission the love and attention it deserves with some regular maintenance from Chapman Auto Repair of Orange.

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Transmission Preventative Maintenance Tips

Service it every 24k miles

While every manufacturer has their service specifications, its a good idea to follow the industry-standard of “Every 24,000 miles.”

Check Transmission Problems Fast

The majority of transmission problems start out small, with an odd noise or rough shifting. By taking care of these problems very early on, you’re preventing them from becoming a catastrophe. Whether its a drop on the driveway or your shifter is sticking, bring your vehicle in today for complete transmission care.

Service Your Cooling System

While not widely known, the cooling system in your vehicle does much more than just keep your engine operating at normal temperatures, it acts to cool your transmission as well. Most radiators have special channels in them dedicated to cooling the fluid within your transmission, further emphasizing the need for a properly functioning cooling system.

Tune Your Engine

Engines and transmissions of modern vehicles are linked more closely than ever. A problem with your engine can strain your transmission while a properly running engine would not, pushing your vehicle closer and closer to breakdown. This alone is a great reason to keep your engine in top working order.