Noise Diagnostics Orange (Squeaks & Rattles)

Often, the noises that our vehicles make that bother us most are those unusual clangs, bangs, and thuds that are difficult to diagnose. Often those irritating noises make us grab our wallets. Manufacturers dedicate a lot of Research and Development to NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) but sometimes shops find it challenging to diagnose the sound the first time. Here is what you can do to keep the bangs, clangs, rattles, drones, grinds, hums, and sputters at bay for a reasonable price.

Clear the car:

Remove all other potential noisemakers from the car to rule those out as the culprit. Those empty bottles you wanted to take to recycling or your golf clubs could very well be the noise source you are looking for. Simple solutions are always the best.

Listen to Your Car:

Take a few minutes to help find the area of the vehicle that the sound comes from. Does the noise come from the front or rear? Does it occur only over bumps, in reverse or when parking? One trick is to drive by a large wall or barrier with the windows down and listen as the sound is bounced back at you. Record the sound with your smartphone if you can.

Light Inspection:

Feel around the trim and body items in the car, then do the same around the engine and the underbody. Do you feel anything loose or broken that could be causing the sound? Roof racks as well can cause some funky noises when they catch the wind exactly right. Cut down on that sound by moving the rack’s crossbars as far back as possible when out of use.

Take a ride:

Hop in the car with your mechanic and try to replicate the conditions under which the sound occurs. This may determine where the noise is coming from.

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