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Did you hit the key fob or door lock button to unlock your car but one door isn’t unlocking or locking? Do you hear a sound like it’s trying to do something, but it only moves partially or not at all? These symptoms indicate that the door lock actuator is broken or failing. If your car won’t open from either handle, interior or exterior, it’s likely the door latch that’s causing the problem. Sometimes the door lock actuator is part of the door latch assembly, in which case the part will be more expensive.

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It’s a rare occasion that an automobile door latch or door lock actuator can be repaired, especially by our team at Chapman Auto Repair of Orange, therefore we always expect to be replacing it with a new part, whether aftermarket or OEM. Once we are in, if we find that what is broken is fixable, we can return the part and give our customer great news! We would rather over-quote you and then lower your price onsite than raise your price in the field. Our customers trust us!

Door latch repair in general usually has to do with the cable or rod linkage between the door handle and the actual door latch. Dealer service centers and your local repair shop will tell you that it can’t be repaired. Dealerships also quote you with high prices for parts, service, and labor Oh yeah, you’ll lose your car for the day too! They’re banking on you are being so put out by all the inconvenience that you’ll go ahead and have it repair, no matter the cost.

This linkage can become loose over time and plastic parts can deteriorate and fall apart. Our technicians at Chapman Auto Repair can repair or replace that linkage and we have techniques for repairing most brittle plastic issues.

We at Chapman Auto Repair of Orange specialize in getting in out of our customer’s doors with precision and skill, therefore costing you less in parts and labor! Call today at (714) 633-1800 and ask about your vehicle!