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A rough shift here, a stuck shifter there. Small problems like these will eventually turn into a bad dream if not attended to early. The transmission experts at Chapman Auto Repair of Orange have been repairing and maintaining transmissions in the Orange, Tustin, Anaheim and Santa Ana for nearly a decade!

Automatic transmissions require a more complicated service and tech expertise than many other repairs.  Transmission service requires specialized tools and diagnostic equipment to correctly diagnose, and repair your transmission.

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Repair Transmission or Replace Transmission?

Chapman Auto Repair  frequently receives calls from customers requesting an “estimate” because they were told by their another automobile mechanic that they needed a brand-new transmission. Many times, after the vehicle is examined by us, we discover transmission repair was what was needed, at a much lower cost that a new transmission.  Sometimes all that is needed is a small repair, like an electric connection cable, a loose fuse or an issue with an outside detector. All these are easily fixed. This misdiagnosis would require you to have spent thousands of dollars with another shop, instead of letting us repair your transmission at a much lower cost.

Warning Signs

Don’t ignoring signs of a potential transmission problem.  This could cost you more money in repair costs in the long run and might require you to replace a transmission that could have been repaired if brought in earlier. Here are a number of things to look out for:

  • Lack of response after you put your car in gear
  • Evidence of a fluid leak under the car where you were parked
  • Slipping Gears
  • Check Engine Light is On
  • Transmission is Noisy even when in Neutral
  • You notice a Burning Smell
  • Difficult or impossible  to put  into gear

Transmission Problems Aren’t Always Expensive

The big misconception about transmissions and transmission repair is that there are no cheap transmission repairs. With all of the advances in technology and a keen ear for subtle nuances, it has become quite a bit easier to stay ahead of transmission problems. Here’s a short list of commonly low-cost transmission problems

  • Fluid Leak/Low Fluid – Your car or truck may have a leak that needs to be patched, this is often just a gasket.
  • Vacuum Line Break – Most of the time when this happens, your transmission won’t shift at all. Your car’s engine and transmission depend on the vacuum system to function correctly. Luckily, these lines are cheap by the foot and the labor isn’t too bad either.
  • Bad Linkage/Cables – Usually identifiable by issues like hard shifting, soft shifting and sometimes even no shifting.
  • Bad Solenoid – Usually a bad solendoid affects single gears or a group of gears like 2nd and 4th or 1st thru 3rd. These are fairly easy to replace, especially when mounted on the outside of the transmission
  • Computer Problems – Even your car can have a computer problem bad enough to call in for tech support! Modern vehicles have more electronics and computing power than the space shuttle.
  • Bad Fluid / Old Fluid – Many times, simply flushing and replacing your transmission fluid will alleviate many minor transmission problems like slipping, soft shifting and erratic behavior.

If you think your vehicles’ transmission is due for an inspection or it has been more than a year since your last transmission service, bring it in to the transmission professionals at Chapman Auto Repair of Orange.