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You might not think about your brake lights and turn signals first thing you think of when you get in and start your engine. After all, they are on the outside of your vehicle, and you may not even know when they are not working. Some cars have sensors that will show you a warning message on the dashboard when you have a bulb out, but you have to stay vigilant and check for yourself for many vehicles.

Unlike your headlights, you may not notice right away when you have a non-functional taillight, brake light, or signal. With turn signals, you can put the hazard lights on then get outside to check, but brake lights aren’t straightforward to check without help.

One of the most common brake light & turn signal failures is simply a burned-out bulb. Unfortunately, glass bulbs burning out sooner or later is a reality for every driver. Time and the elements will wear your bulbs down and inevitably lead to failure. Keeping replacement bulbs on hand in your car will save you legal and safe on the road.

If you have replaced your bulbs and the problem is still there, you may have a problem with the light or signal’s wire harness. One of the pins could be burned or melted, causing a slight voltage irregularity, which may trigger a check engine light. If you replaced all of your bulbs and they still don’t function, or you have a check engine light, check all of your wire connections closely and see if you have any abnormalities.

If your turn signal stops working or works intermittently, you should use hand signals until you can get it fixed to avoid getting a ticket. Turn signals’ mechanics are a bit more complicated than brake lights or taillights since they involve switching on and off, so if you are experiencing problems with your turn signal, it would be best to have one of our certified technicians check your vehicle to diagnose the issue, fix it, and reset all lights and warnings.

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