Headlight Restoration Service

Chapman Auto Repair Orange Headlight Restoration Project Santa AnaHave your vehicle’s headlights faded from that bright and shiny, crystal clear to a dull, even ugly yellow? Have your headlights dimmed due to fading? Brand new headlight fixtures can easily fix your problem but can easily cost you hundreds of dollars in parts and labor.

Why Do Headlights Fade?

Headlight assemblies are manufactured with a UV coating on the outside that helps to prevent damage to the underlying plastic. Just like any coating, the UV coating applied thins and fades over time, allowing the sun to damage and degrade the plastic. With time, it yellows and blurs the plastic without UV protection.

Foggy Headlights Are A Safety Problem!

When your plastic headlight assemblies get so yellowed that they become foggy or blurry to see through, it not only makes your car look ugly but it also becomes a safety issue too: Headlights are optimized and precision-calibrated by the manufacturer of your vehicle to be as safe as possible. With foggy lights, the light beams can’t reach as far and aren’t as bright as they used to be due to lost intensity.

The Headlight Restoration Process

To properly perform the headlight restoration process, we use in a multi-step process. First, we get specific and diagnose each individual vehicle’s needs for restoration. Based on this information, we move forward with one of several restoration processes that best fits your headlights needs. After this, we begin the step-by-step polishing process that removes the old, degraded layers of plastic and brings back the original sheen and clarity. After the headlight is deemed to be looking amazing, our technician applies to the surface a new UV coating. This coating is similar to what was applied to the paint of your vehicle and protects the surfaces underneath. This last step is extremely important in making the restoration last your for years to come.